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What’s really driving inflation?

Everyone is talking about inflation as the cost of rent, fuel, food and energy bills have skyrocketed. But what is really driving inflation & how do we deal with it? The Federal Reserve, the U.S. central bank, thinks raising interest rates is the best solution. But this is a bad idea. Rate hikes are an indirect & imprecise tool that won’t tackle the biggest drivers of current inflation: Fossil fuels & Corporate greed. Here we break down why interest rate hikes will do more harm than good, and offer alternatives like transitioning to an economy powered by renewable energy!

Four solutions to inflation that put workers and families first

Right now, millions of families across the US are struggling to make ends meet because of skyrocketing energy and food costs. At the same time, thousands of communities are suffering the impacts of climate change. The Fed’s response? Put up interest rates. But it’s now crystal clear this does more harm than good and it’s hurting our chances of speeding up the clean energy transition.

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Tackling Fossilflation: A Toolkit for Price Stability and a Just Transition

Interest rate hikes are now underway and considered the “common sense” response to inflation by the government and Fed. But this approach risks plunging millions of people into unemployment, and potentially triggering a global recession.

Instead of rate hikes, our new report “Tackling Fossilflation: A Toolkit for Price Stability” proposes solutions that benefit workers and families, and help advance the transition to abundant and affordable renewable energy.

This webinar which took place online on 6th December 2022 explores a range of policies that Congress could implement to help us build a more resilient economy that brings down inflation, protects our planet and helps communities everywhere to thrive.

Watch this exciting panel discussion, audience Q&A with an incredible line-up of speakers: Andres Bernal (report author), Chris Becker (Groundwork Collaborative), Lauren Melodia (Center for NYC Affairs), Emily Park (350 US), Yeva Nersisyan (Franklin & Marshall College).