We produce groundbreaking research and policy, educate the public and politicians, and mobilize the grassroots behind people-powered campaigns.

Research and Policy

We research the problems with the money and banking system and develop our proposals for reforming it.

Media and Influencing

We influence people in power by shaping the public debate in the media, building relationships with policy-makers and decision makers, and advocating our recommendations to them.

Educating, Mobilizing and Organizing

We work to educate and empower people with facts about how our money and banking system really works, the problems it causes, and how we can redesign it to enable communities everywhere to flourish.

Working in Coalition

We recognize that change comes from like-minded people pooling resources and pulling together, as such we work closely with partner organizations on joint campaigns and coalition work. We work to build a growing, skilled, and diverse network of partners and supporters organizing and working together to campaign for lasting change.